Planner Problem PR form!
Please read through each question thoroughly, and make sure you understand all the rules and requirements! I have pasted them below for you to review

Be sure to fill out the link in my bio by 4/27 to be considered. I will announce the team starting May 1st!
-You will be representing the PRINTED and PRINTABLE stickers portion of my shop only.
-this PR team will run for 3 months (May, June, July)
-at the end of 3 months, I will reevaluate and possibly add new members!
-I am currently looking for only 2 PR members
-account MUST be public
-account must be mostly planner related
-US addresses only please!
-16+ only please!
-must be a follower of this page and like this post
-this isn’t required, but I would appreciate it if you could repost this image with #plannerproblempr and #prteam. This will enable me to see how well promotional posts do on your feed.
-bonus points if you have a YT channel or blog!
What you will get:
-At the start of each month, you will receive a free PR package with 1 Deluxe Kit of your choice, 1 monthly spread kit of your choice, and 2 random single sheets. You will also be emailed a free printable kit from my shop! You may opt to receive 2 mini kits of your choice + glitter headers instead of 1 Deluxe kit.
-an exclusive 80% off code off everything from my shop EXCEPT for templates, licenses, and misfit grab bags.
-a coupon code to share with your followers!
-for every use of this coupon code, you will receive 7% of that order (not including shipping) in shop credit!
-If you keep the link to my shop in your profile bio, I will add on some freebies (stickers, washi, or other items) to your orders.
-you must keep your account public and maintain a planner focus
-you must post Instagram videos/photos on your feed of every package from my shop
-you must repost photos of at least 50% of the items in every new release (ex. If on Friday, I list 4 new items, you will be required to repost 2 of them. If I list 8, you post 4, etc.) You can choose which items to repost. If the post on my feed includes more than one image, you will need to include all those photos. I will always provide the photos and hashtags for you.
-you must repost photos of every sale/ $2 Tuesday promotion on my shop. I will provide the photos for you to use.
-post at 2 spreads each month using majority stickers from my shop. Please tag me in those photos too!
Don’t do these:
-sharing your personal 80% off coupon code
-reselling for profit stickers I provide for free or through your exclusive code
-not meet monthly requirements
Any violation of these could result in termination from the PR team. I reserve the right to make changes as needed. You will be notified of these rules if chosen!

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Tell me about yourself! Occupation, Hobbies, etc. Ex). I am a college student from Kansas, and I tutor students in addition to running my Etsy shop and blog. I love doing my nails, and I have racked up quite a collection! My favorite shows currently are 13 reasons why, Quantico, The Catch, Superstore, and lots of others! I love watching YouTube channels while I do schoolwork/ design stickers. *
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What is your age/age range? *
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When is your birthday? {for surprise packages of course ;) } *
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What is your zip code? (For shipping purposes)-- US addresses only *
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How long have you been planning with stickers? *
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If you have any other social media platforms not listed above, please list the LINKS below
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What unique aspect do you think you bring to my shop? *
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Have you ever purchased any items from my shop? (Templates, printables, or other items) *
What planners do you use, and what do you use them for? *
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How would you best describe your planning style? *
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What is your favorite thing about my shop that would help you promote my items? *
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Do you PR for other shops? If so list them below as well as how long you have been doing it for. *
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How often do you purchase Etsy stickers? *
What PRINTED item from my shop would you be most excited to purchase with your 80% off coupon or receive in a PR package? Please explain why. *
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Do you have a gmail account? I am thinking of running communication via G-Chat on Google Hangouts, so it would help a lot of you already have one or are looking to make one soon! *
Part of being on the PR team will include input on new releases and sales. Please list 2-3 ideas you have for my shop. *
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