Shapers of the Future 2018
Thank you for your interest in Shapers of the Future 2018. If you would like to become one of our 20 participants this year, please fill in the survey below. It can take a while as we would like to know you well before making our decision. Thus, we advise you to schedule a peaceful moment to answer the following questions thoughtfully.

We will wait for your answers until the end of September 2018. But, we will revise the applications on the ongoing basis so do not wait! For it may be the case that we would shorten the application period. After you have completed the application form we will contact you within 30 days (7th October at the latest) to confirm your participation.

Your answers will be examined in order to select a group of individuals who are highly motivated to develop themselves, and remain open. Your involvement in work for public good is also important to us - we want you to share your experiences with others during the program!

Important: The Program will take place in Kraków from 24th to 27st of October 2018. By filling this form you express your willingness to come to Kraków during mentioned days and participate in all activities. We will cover all costs of your participation once you get to Krakow (food, accommodation, etc.). We will not cover you travel costs to, and from Kraków.

We will also ask you to contribute a modest fee of 30 Euros to confirm your willingness to participate but only if you get accepted to the program.

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