2018 Special Kids Day Registration

Welcome to Vital Flight’s 2018 Special Kids Day, one of south Florida's signature aviation events. Please take a moment to read the registration requirements of this year’s event.

Vital Flight will fly as many special needs children as possible. We may be unable to accommodate large families or groups for the flight portion of Special Kids Day. We still welcome your entire family to the event including all related ground activities such as our carnival games, pirate experience and other fun activities.

Please register your special needs child along with just one parent OR guardian. You may add one additional family member to your registration who will be on standby if we are able to accommodate the request. Please note that while we will do everything possible to accommodate the one additional standby family member on the flight, we cannot guarantee space will be available.

If you have questions regarding event registration, please click on the link below to go to our FAQ page:


Thank you for your understanding in helping fly as many special needs children as possible.

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