2018 PMP Membership Form
The membership for PMP Community Park Incorporated is a non-profit stock ownership club for homeowners of Pelham Estates, Merrifield Park, Pilgrims Point, and Stratton Place or within a limited distance of the community park as defined by the by‐laws. With stock membership, you can enjoy full use of the pool and tennis courts, and voting rights.

Associate memberships are available to those outside the above neighborhoods.

For more information, visit http://pmppool.wordpress.com.

After completing this online form, please mail a check for the appropriate amount, payable to PMP Community Park, to:

PMP Community Park, Inc. Questions? Contact us at 268-1837
Membership or email pmpswimclub@gmail.com
P O Box 25564
Greenville, SC 29616

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Please choose one below. Please submit dues by check (address above) or through PayPal to pmpswimclub@gmail.com (add $15 for processing). *
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PMP is owned and controlled by its members. Stock members own a portion of the PMP Community Park, LLC. The day‐to‐day activities of PMP are controlled by a board of volunteers. For further definition, please see the by‐laws. If you would like to volunteer, please indicate interest below.
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