Coconino County Master Gardener Volunteer and Education Reporting (v2.1)
Thank you for reporting your volunteer and/or education hours in support of the Coconino County Master Gardener program!

You may report up to 5 volunteer dates and 5 education dates at a time. If you have more to report, you must access the form again (you will be given the opportunity to do so at the end.)

IF YOU ARE USING A MASTER GARDENER ASSOCIATION MEETING FOR VOLUNTEER AND/OR EDUCATION HOURS, PLEASE LIST WHAT EACH MEETING QUALIFIES FOR. (The business meeting counts for 1 hour volunteer time and the lecture counts for 1 hour education time - if you stay the entire meeting you get 1 hour of each. List them both or list only the portion you stayed for in the appropriate category.)

Please continue to keep your own record of time (a calendar or a document in your computer would work well) in addition to recording here...this site was designed to simplify administrative record keeping and cannot give you a total. At the end of each month, you will receive an e-mail confirming the hours you have submitted using this form.

New 4/14/16: Enter your e-mail address below to receive an automated copy of your submitted hours.

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