Diversity in DCPS Curricula
This form has been created to quickly gauge teacher interpretation of diversity in DCPS curricula. For the use of this form, identity refers to the memories, experiences, relationships, and values that create one’s sense of self.
Which of these do you identify with... *
If any aspect of your identity is not listed above, please list it below:
List the curriculum/curricula that you are implementing in your classroom. *
How comfortable do you feel implementing this curriculum in your classroom? *
Not at all comfortable
Completely comfortable (I can teach it to someone else)
My students' identity is reflected in *
Do you feel your identity is reflected in the curriculum/curricula chosen for your classroom? *
Do you feel the identity of your students is reflected in the curriculum/curricula chosen for your classroom? *
Please respond to the following prompt based from your personal experience: The lack of diversity in classroom curricula impacts student achievement. *
5. In your opinion, how can DCPS ensure that every student and teacher feels that their identity is reflected in district mandated curricula? *not required*
6. Would you be willing to discuss your perspective on cultural representation in a focus group? *
If you responded "yes" to the previous question, add your email address below (type n/a if you responded "no"): *
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