"You're getting a signed copy of CHIRP!" Letter from Kate Messner
Please fill out this form if you've pre-ordered a signed copy of CHIRP for your reader and you'd like me to mail a personalized, signed letter and bookmark to them for you to give as a gift or tuck in a stocking!

Step 1: Pre-order CHIRP!

Pre-orders for signed copies should be placed with Kate's local independent bookstore, The Bookstore Plus:
Order online here: https://www.thebookstoreplus.com/book/9781547602810
And leave a note in the comments with the name of the reader to whom it should be signed.

Please note that CHIRP comes out February 4th and signed copies will be mailed out on that day. Only the letter and bookmark will arrive in time for the holidays. (But that's still really fun!)

Step 2: Fill out the form below with your information. If you order from somewhere other than Bookstore Plus, you'll still get a letter and bookmark, but your book won't be signed. Also - if you've ordered from a different bookseller, please forward your proof of purchase to katemessnerbooks@gmail.com. (There's no need to do this if you've ordered a signed copy via Bookstore Plus)

Step 3: Your letter will be mailed out by December 10th and should arrive in plenty of time for the holidays. It will be written to your reader but addressed to you, so that you can open and give it as a gift or tuck it in a stocking.

Step 4: Enjoy CHIRP together when your copy arrives in February!
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