EMWLUA Umpires Incident Report
In addition to letting your assigner know about serious problems that arise at your youth and high school games, please use this form to report those incidents to our organization. The EMWLUA Executive Board will have access to these reports and a representative will be in touch to work with and support you in determining how best to move forward.

Please note that this information is for our officiating group and does not go to the MIAA, the schools, coaches or other outside individuals unless determined to be the proper course of action by the individual reporting the incident and/or the EMWLUA Executive Board.

If you choose not to submit your name, email or other identifying information, your submission will remain anonymous. However, please not that linking and uploading files will require your email address to be submitted with the form.

Name of Reporting Official
Email Address
Partner's Name (input N/A if worked alone)
Home School Name
Away School Name
Untitled Title
Date of Game
Level of Play
Who Did Incident Involve? Check All That Apply
Describe Incident
Was Incident Reported?
If Reported - To Whom and When?
Attachments/Supporting Documents/Pictures
Thank you for taking the time to report this incident. If you have supplied personally identifying information, an EMWLUA Executive Board member will be in touch to discuss this incident.
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