Creating a Distribution Map
Create a distribution map for two of the different species of trees found in adventure trails. Create a dot, contour, or outline map for one species, and then create a different type of map for the other species. The suggested species of trees to focus on are Locusts, Maples, Spruces, or oaks. Before going out research how to identify the species, and plan on bringing a guideOnly do the trees within the fenced in confines of the exhibit. You will work with a partner to identify and plot the trees on a separate piece of paper with an outline map of the adventure trails exhibit. You will hand in the paper maps separately, but then each of you will submit answers for the thought question below.
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Guide for Identifying Tree Species
Adventure Trails Blank Outline
Thought Questions
Answer the following questions after completing your maps, make sure you hand in your physical maps.
1. Compare the distribution of the two types of trees that you mapped out. Be sure to include a description of the ranges of both species in your explanation. *
2. What are the limitations of the study in describing the range of tree species?How could you expand this study to give you a better sense of the range of one of the particular types of tree species? *
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