I'm a Medicare for ALL Voter!
Kentuckians know our healthcare system is in crisis. And we know there is only one cure: Medicare for All.
What is Medicare for All?
1) Universal coverage for everyone, under a single federal health insurance program, without exceptions.

2) Full coverage of all services with the freedom to choose your doctors. That includes medical, dental, vision, mental, and reproductive services.

3) Dedicated public funding of the program, ensuring it is always fully free at point of service. No fees, no copays, no deductibles, no premiums, and no surprise bills.

4) Equal access to all medical services and treatment with protections from insurance companies, politicians, bureaucrats, or any others that threaten to come between you and your health needs.

5) Job priority and severance for those whose livelihoods may be affected by the transition away from privatized health insurance.
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