High School Math Contest at Elon University
Updated - 2/17/17

The Contest will be held on the campus of Elon University on April 1, 2017. If you can read this the registration is still open. But it will not close earlier than March 29, 2016.

VERY IMPORTANT ... Please have each student register with their personal information as well BEFORE arriving at the contest site - Thanks for your help! Please note that credit cards cannot be accepted at the time. Check or Cash are valid forms of payment.

In addition to the form below, please navigate to the following site to enter in the students who will be competing for your school. Instructions are listed on the new site. (This is in Beta, so please me patient.)


Thanks for considering registering your school for the contest. (Note: Any school that has 4 or more students participating will be automatically entered into the team portion of the contest as well as the individual portion. Otherwise, schools with 3 or less participants will only be entered into the individual portion.)

Please make out any checks to
Math Contest - Elon University

You may bring payment to the contest, but If you prefer to mail a check then please use the following address:

Jim Beuerle
Elon University
Campus Box 2320
Elon, NC 27244

Jim Beuerle

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School System
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Supervisor’s home phone
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Fees for (maximum of six) student contestants at $10.00 each
Fees for supervisors at $10.00 each
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