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Join our Member Council - a committee of Hub members that gather 1x a month to advise staff on programming, events, space, etc!

When our member council meets, we want to have context for whose voices are (and are not) in the room. Every answer helps us move beyond making assumptions about the people involved in our decision-making.

Please use the "Prefer not to answer" option as often as you want!
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Learning about your work and your impact
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Learning about you and your identity
Learning more about you helps Impact Hub understand who is in the room when a decision is made based on clear information, rather than assumptions. To protect your privacy, only Impact Hub MSP staff will have access to your responses, and we will only use them for the purpose of identifying candidates for the 2022 Member Council.
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Feel free to use the "Other" option to share recommendations about Hub accessibility, regardless of your disability status.
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Thank you for sharing your story with us! We look forward to improving Impact Hub with your support.
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