Owner Input for New Terminal
Please assume the role of the owner or planner for San Jose Airport and provide input to drive decisions for future needs. This exercise that will be used to open up a discussion in a workshop about planning and collaboration. If you are not familiar with airport operations please submit your best guess.

The scenario is assuming the current year of 2017 with a projected plan for the next ten years out to 2027.

Entering your information here will include your name in the list of BIMStorm.com to participate in person or at various events throughout the next year.

Planning Input
1 – How many international arrivals per day? *
2 – What is the projected increase in international arrivals per day? *
3 – How many domestic arrivals per day? *
4 – What is the projected increase in domestic arrivals per day? *
5 – What is the projected decrease or increase in number of gates needed for 2027? *
6 - What is the maximum wingspan of the following FAA Airplane Design Groups?
1. Small Regional
2. Medium Regional
3. Narrowbody
4. Widebody
How confident are you of your responses?
BIMStorm Exercise #2
Part 2 of 3 for http://BIMStorm.com/GO
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