IHS Student Governing Board Representative Application (2020-2021)
The Student Governing Board (SGB) is a elected representative body made up of students from each ESUHSD school. It is comprised of the Student Governing Board (upper, voting rights) and the Student Assembly (lower, no voting rights and advises SGB) and both represent student/stakeholder concerns and brings them to the ESUHSD Board of Directors.

Each school elects 1 Assembly-member per graduating class, and 1 SGB member is decided among the class reps.

**Alternates are members elected to serve in place of representatives in the event they cannot attend a meeting.

IHS is in need of the following representatives for Student Assembly:
- 1 Freshman Assembly-member (1 year term) + 1 Freshman Alternate (1 year term)
- 1 Sophomore Alternate (1 year term)

Responsibilities as an SGB Student Assembly Member at Independence:
- Attend monthly meetings held at IHS a week before the SGB meetings
- Share IHS concerns/suggestions at these meetings
- Report to monthly lunch meetings with ASB to get updated with student activities
- Report to Leadership Team Meetings with the class officers and ASB

Representatives will be chosen through a public election. The person with the most votes for freshmen would be the main rep, the person with the second most votes would be the freshmen alternate rep. Since we are only in need of one alternate rep for sophomores, the alternate rep will be the one with the most votes from sophomores.

The only people that can vote in this election are only freshmen for the freshmen reps, and only sophomores for the sophomore alternate rep.

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