This survey is to determine access to employment for persons with Intellectual disabilities (ID), including Down syndrome in South Africa.
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1) Who is the person filling in the survey?
2) What is the age of the young adult with Intellectual disability?
3) Gender of young adult with Intellectual disability.
4) What is your home language?
5) Province of residence.
6) Level of education, this includes special schools.
7) What is your Diagnosis? Please tick that which is relevant.
8) Are you currently employed?
9) If the above answer is yes, are you earning a wage or a salary?
10) If you are currently unemployed , do you want to work?
11) If you are unemployed which sector is suitable according to interest or if you are employed which sector are you currently working in?
12) Please tick the boxes that best describes what you can do.
13) What type of supported employment model are you working in or would like to work in?
14) If you could choose a job, what would it be?
15) If you were given an opportunity to start your own business , what would it be?
16) As a parent, how do you feel about your child with an Intellectual disability working ?
17) As a parent, what are your fears about working?
18) What in your opinion as a parent is the reason employers do not employ persons with Intellectual disability?
19) As a parent , what additional support would your child require in the workplace?
20) As a parent , what support can you give to the workplace about your child's work?
21) Any further comments or information to share?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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