Refining the Core Application
What is Ta'leef Academy?
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The goal of Ta’leef Academy is to provide empowering, meaningful, and defining learning opportunities that awaken a sense of purpose, love, and confidence among community members that desire to serve the community.

We value authenticity, faith & tradition, and mastery and we strive to embody a sense of fortitude, beauty, and substance in delivering high quality content that supports an ability to love and work meaningfully.

Our programs are focused on four main streams: Refining the Core (mandatory course), Conveying the Message, Caring for People, and Intentional Community.

Who Should Apply?
Overall, we are seeking individuals who desire to emulate Prophetic character and those who may be described as passionate, courageous, creative, warm, grounded, insightful, capable, loyal, and genuine by those that know and love them.

Be sure to check the specific selection criteria and application instructions for each stream and see what might be fit for you.

Refining the Core
Often, we try to help others and build community before we have done the personal work involved in readying ourselves for the journey. Refining the Core is an opportunity to explore personal strengths and growth areas to build a strong foundation for a life of service.

The goal of Refining the Core is to inspire an honest exploration of the self through a week long intensive, experiential, reflective, and hands on learning experience focused on heartwork.

For us, heartwork means reflecting on the state of our hearts by considering how topics like mindfulness, trustworthiness, vulnerability, silence & retreat, gratitude and so on may aid us in greater awareness and insight, and ultimately spiritual wellness.

The program is delivered through reflective discussions, prayer, storytelling, training, meditative and reflective practice, service project based learning, and reflective writing that takes place at Ta’leef Collective in the Bay Area, and at the Green Gulch Zen Center.

The tuition price for the program is $2500. This price include all training, program sessions, and three nights room and board at the Green Gulch Zen Center for the retreat, as well as all meals during the residency at Ta’leef. It is not inclusive of lodging for the days not at Retreat Center, nor does it include daily transportation to and from Ta’leef during the residency.

Full and partial zakat-based sponsorships are currently available. If interested, please inquire when applying.

March 25, 2019 - March 31, 2019
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