Week 20 of Laws of the Game quiz 2017- 2018 - questions by Dutch Referee Blog
The Laws of the Game Quiz is now only open as a quiz to test your knowledge. On DutchReferee.com you'll find new quizzes weekly that will give you an opportunity to win some refereeing goodies. Good luck with this test.
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1. A substitute wants to take the thrown-in that has been awarded. Is he allowed to do so? *
2. Team A has the ball, but suddenly all the air goes out of the ball. If the ball becomes defective ... *
3. The lines of the penalty area and goal line have a width of 12 cm. The goal posts have the same width. The touchlines have a width of 6 cm. Is this allowed? *
4. A referee drops the ball and it touches the ground. A player from Barcelona kicks it back to his goalie Jasper Cillessen. The ball goes directly in Barcelona's goal and has not been touched by the goalkeeper. How will play be restarted? With a ... *
5. The assistant referee raises his flag to indicate that the ball has wholly passed over the touchline. Before the referee has blown his whistle, he sees a defender hitting an opponent in the defender's penalty area. What should be the decision of the referee? *
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