2018 Flip Fest Volunteer Sign-Up
FLIP is a festival in Lethbridge, Alberta. FLIP aims to create an encouraging and inclusive music and arts scene. FLIP Fest advocates for, showcases and provides opportunities for women, femmes and non-binary artists.

There are three volunteer crews that you can be a part of:

Door Crew: The door crew watches the door at our music venues and workshops. Take donations, sell band merch, make friends, and help everyone who enters our venues feel safe, welcomed, and excited about the shows!

Active Listeners: Active listeners are present at all of our venues, and provide support individuals who often are made to feel unsafe. Active listeners are there to have non-judgmental conversations with those need it.

Set-Up/Tear-Down Crew: The Set-Up/Tear-Down crew with gear load in and load outs at the venues, and with the set-up/tear-down of our workshop space.

There is no minimum number of hours you are required to commit. Even a contribution of two-five hours is greatly appreciated to us.

Thank you for deciding to be a part of FLIP Fest's 2018 Volunteer Team.

FLIP Fest Team

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