Oconee Heights Baptist Church Planning Survey
The Oconee Heights Baptist Church staff and deacons ask for your ideas and feedback concerning the future planning of our church. Thank you for your time in responding.
Please respond to this series of statements by circling one of the choices (0 to 4) at the end of each statement. (If you have additional comments, please add them at the end of the survey.)
Possible Response:

1 = Disagree strongly
2 = Disagree moderately
3 = Agree moderately
4 = Agree strongly
0 = Not Applicable

Who's Asking? - We are a group of staff and members who agree that the future is coming and, if it is anything short of the Rapture, Oconee Heights needs to prepare for it with changes and spiritual growth.
What's Next? - We request anyone who participates at Oconee Heights over the age of 18 to complete the questionnaire. Those under the age of 18 are invited to participate if they wish; indicate your age and if you were assisted by an adult.
Please submit your responses before October 29, 2017. We know that your thoughtful answers will help fuel the future at Oconee Heights. Thank you for participating.
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