Masks and Mayhem Listener Feedback 2020
As we are wrapping up Season 1 of Masks and Mayhem, we want to hear from you!
Who is your favorite player character? *
Who is your favorite friendly NPC? *
Who is your favorite villain? *
How do you feel about the show so far? *
Hate it
Love it
How are we in regard to non-game chatter/jokes? *
Too much, takes me out of the game
Perfect amount, gives us a better idea of who you are
How does the show do with balancing story and gameplay? *
Too much story
Too much gameplay
How well do you follow along with the game mechanics while we play? *
Can't follow
Understand perfectly
Favorite arc?
What other games would you like to see us try as one-shots or mini arcs? *
Any other feedback for us?
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