Participation Permission and Waiver
This form is REQUIRED to participate in She-EO, LLC programs - except Girl Scout programs.
Please complete ONE new form every year (or when your child's information changes).
This form does not take the place of forms required by our community partner or site host.
Your child can not participate until this form is completed, submitted and received by our office.
Go to if you would prefer a PDF version of this form to complete and submit.
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Submit a new form each year, not for each location.
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(1) I/we certify that the information on this form is accurate and up-to-date. (2) In case of an emergency, I/we give permission to She-EO, LLC (d.b.a. SheEO Academy) to give immediate attention and seek medical treatment for my daughter the participant. (3) I/we hold harmless She-EO, LLC and its agents or employees, for injuries occurring to my daughter whose name is mentioned in this form while participating in She-EO, LLC programs. TYPE YOUR FULL NAME to accept the terms above: *
I grant permission to She-EO LLC (d.b.a SheEO Academy), and its agent or employees, to use photographs and images taken of (participant) while participating in programs sponsored by She-EO LLC. She-EO LLC agrees to take precautions to avoid misrepresentation of the girl’s image or messaging. These images may be used in publications, on displays boards and in electronic media. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs or printed or electronic matter that may be used in conjunction with them now or in the future, whether that use is known to me or unknown, and I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the photograph. I hereby agree to release and hold harmless She-EO LLC, and its agents or employees, including any firm hired to publish and/or distribute the finished product in whole or in part, whether on paper or via electronic media, from and against any claims, damages or liability arising from or related to the use of photographs, including but not limited to any misuse, distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion or use in composite form, either intentionally or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in taking, processing, reduction or production of the finished product, its publication or distribution. I am the legal guardian of the above mentioned child. I have read this release before signing below, and I fully understand the contents, meaning, and impact of this release. *
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