27 September 2018
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If you'd like to raise a concern, please do so soonest rather than let things build up over time. To raise a concern, follow this link : http://www.bombay.school.nz/287/pages/62-raising-a-concern
Calf Club Notices
Important Notices
If your child is leaving at the end of 2018 or enrolling in 2019, please let us know.


We use this information to plan our staffing levels.

Survey Data Released
We are delighted to share the data from our recent CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE AND RELATIONAL PEDAGOGY survey.
Please follow the link below to read the data from this survey, which was conducted by the University of Auckland. We would like to hear your views on this result as well. This link will stay active until the start of term 4 to give you time get past calf club.


Nest Consulting Puberty Talk - Parent Evening
If you were one of the 70 parents who attended the parent session, we would like your feedback, please. Tell us what you thought of the presentation. What worked and what could be improved upon? Please use the form field below and don't forget to press the submit button at the end of the newsletter. Thank you.
Puberty Talk Parent Evening - Share your views
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Other Information
Sports Events Term 3

* Junior School Cross Country will be next term
Raising a concern
To raise a concern, follow this link :
Community News : Follow the link below.
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