International Student Data Form: F-1 students
This form is required for all incoming F-1 international students. You will need this to issue the I-20. Please answer all questions and if there is no answer, write N/A or NONE. Once we have all documents and forms required for the issuance of the I-20, you will be notified via email with your SEVIS ID and mail tracking number.
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Email *
Given Name (First Name) as shown on passport *
Middle Name (if none, type NONE) *
Surname (Last Name) as shown on passport *
E-Mail address (NOT Warren Wilson email) *
Birth date (month/day/year) *
City and Country of Birth (city/country) *
Question 7: Country of Citizenship *
Question 8: List any other non-US countries of citizenship if applicable
Question 9A: Permanent Residence Address: Number and Street Name (Example: 701 Warren Wilson Road) *
Question 9B: Permanent Residence Address: Additional Street Address Example: Apartment, Unit, Building etc. (if none write NONE) *
Question 9C: Permanent Residence: City and State (Example: Asheville, North Carolina) *if you don't have a state that is ok city is fine* *
Question 9D: Permanent Residence: Province / Region (if none, write NONE) *
Question 9E: Permanent Residence: Postal Code (if none, write NONE) *
Question 9F: Permanent Residence: Country *
Question 10: IF YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT THAN YOUR PERMANENT please provide your mailing address to issue the I-20 below and the dates this mailing address will be effective. (type NONE or N/A if this does not apply to you) Example Format: street number and street name, apartment/building/unit, city and state, *
Question 11: Primary phone number including country code. (Example: +1-828-771-3057) *
Question 12: Phone number for I-20 mailing only, if different than primary number:
Question 13: Will you have dependents (spouse, children under the age of 18) who will be with you in the USA and require an F-2 visa? (if none, write NONE) *
Question 14: Are you currently in the USA (traveling, working, studying etc.) If you answer YES, please respond to questions 15, 16 and 17) *
Question 15: if you answered YES to question 14, please give information about your USA visa type and dates
Question 16: If you are currently studying in the USA, what level of education (high school/secondary, associates/community college, bachelor/undergraduate, etc) if this doesn't apply to you, write NONE or N/A
Question 17: Have you recently applied for a "change of status" with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) For example: green card/permanent residence, a different type of visa, etc.
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Question 18: If you are NOT currently in the USA, do you have plans to travel to the USA before you attend Warren Wilson College? If YES, please list the visa type you have or will have and dates that visa is valid (For example, tourism, summer programs, etc. )
Question 19: If you are not in the USA on a visa at this time, have you ever studied in the USA before. If YES please provide the dates of your studies, the visa you were one and the level of education.
Question 20: Do you have any comments or questions?
Question 21: Intended Major (it's ok if this changes during your time at Warren Wilson, but this is the one we will put on the I-20) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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