Smart Energy Co-Op Membership Form
Thanks for your interest in joining the Smart Energy Co-Op (SECO).  Completing and signing this web form is all you need to do to become a Member.  

Completing this form DOES NOT:

- Obligate you to buy any good or services
- Authorize SECO to make any change or modification to your retail electricity or gas supplier

Completing this from DOES:

- Allow you to participate in any offers for energy goods or services that SECO may extend
- Authorize SECO to act as your agent in exploring & communicating energy savings opportunities
- Authorize SECO to access and review your utility accounts
- Authorize SECO to establish utility account log-ons on your behalf if not already set up

Please visit this link to access all of our terms and conditions:

Once you Complete the Form:

You will receive a welcome email from SECO that includes a copy of the terms and conditions of your members for your records.  This email will include any additional questions the SECO needs to ask about your home or business to perform a no-cost assessment of your energy usage with the goal of defining energy savings opportunities.  

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