Eucalyptus Annual Parent Survey
Eucalyptus staff members are pleasant, courteous, and professional.
Frequent communication occurs between parents, staff members, and administrators.
I receive positive feedback from teachers and administrators.
I have been informed of the school's discipline policy.
My child is motivated by the school's incentive program (It's a Koala Thang).
I am aware of the school's theme, purposes, and goals.
Parents are encouraged to share their ideas with administration and staff.
Parents are given the opportunity to be involved in developing and reviewing the school's mission and goals.
Parents receive good news about the achievements and behavior of their kids.
Teachers return e-mails and/or phone calls promptly.
The principal and assistant principal interact positively with students and parents.
The principal is available and willing to listen to parent concerns.
The school uses a variety of methods to inform parents about what is happening at school
I am regularly informed about my child's academic progress.
Staff members set high, but achievable, goals for students.
Eucalyptus has an overall atmosphere of positivity, respect, trust, and fun.
I am encouraged to give my time to support school activities.
Students are disciplined in a fair and consistent manner.
I feel welcomed at Eucalyptus.
Social and cultural differences are respected.
Students are recognized for their accomplishments.
Eucalyptus addresses their theme of environmental science consistently and appropriately.
The school is clean and well-maintained.
The school is safe.
What are three things you like about Eucalyptus Elementary School?
What are three things you'd like to see changed or added?
Other Comments:
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