Jordan High School Orchestra Audition Form
INSTRUCTIONS: Submit an online form for each audition that you are performing. If auditioning on an additional instrument, please submit a separate form. This form is REQUIRED for all students auditioning. Your recording must be ONE link: do not separate your scales and etude from your solo piece. The deadline to submit materials is Friday, May 1, 2020. All audition requirements for each level orchestra are posted:
Student First Name (As it appears in HAC. No nicknames, please) *
Student Last Name (As it appears in HAC.) *
What is your current grade level? *
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If you clicked "Other campus" above, what school and school district do you currently attend? Who is your current orchestra director?
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What is the title and who is the composer (first and last name) of your solo or etude piece? *
List the URL link of your audition video recording. Be sure that the link remains active/accessible through July 2020. Failure to do so may jeopardize your placement. *
I have read the 2020-2021 Jordan Orchestra Audition Requirements. I understand to check regularly as a source of communication. *
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