Gammapy Installation Questionnaire
If you're using Gammapy or would like to use it soon, please fill the following form to give us some info on your installation.

The goal here is to have some data as basis for a decision on these points:

1. How long should we support legacy Python (i.e. version 2.7)?
2. Which distribution channels (e.g. pip, conda, Macports, Homebrew, Linux package managers) are actually used? Which should we add support for or support better?

For the questions later concerning installation method and Python version, in case you have multiple Python installations, please respond for the one you are using at the moment or would like to use with Gammapy.

How often do you import gammapy? *
Why do you import gammapy? *
Where do you install & run Gammapy *
What's your operating system? *
Which Python do you use? *
How did you obtain the Python you are using?
How do you install Gammapy? *
What Python version do you use? *
How long do you want Python 2 support? *
Gammapy still supports Python 2.7. Other projects recently dropped support for 2.7 in the development version (e.g. Astropy) or will soon (e.g. Numpy in early 2019). How long would you like Gammapy to keep Python 2.7 support?
Anything else?
Please let us know if you have any other comments or issues with Gammapy installation. Specifically we're interested in details if you're still on Python 2 and can't or don't want to switch to Python 3. And also if Gammapy installation doesn't work on your Python, or you'd like better support there (e.g. Linux binary packages). But really, feel free to leave any information here that could help us develop better installation support for you!
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Who are you?
You can fill this questionnaire anonymously, no problem. But if you don't mind letting us know who you are, please give your name and / or email address here. In any case: thank you for your time and filling out this form!
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