LeadMN Emergency Grant Application -
Please read carefully.

We know that today's college students struggle financially and sometimes need assistance when unexpected expenses arise. These unexpected expenses can increase food insecurity. LeadMN has developed this grant to assist students with buying food to relieve this insecurity or to assist with other emergencies.

Students who are enrolled in a Minnesota State two-year college can apply for $100.00 to purchase food. In some cases, students with family members impacted by the emergency can receive an additional $100.00.

If you are a student (1) enrolled in a Minnesota State two-year college, (2) recently experienced an emergency, and (3) can't afford food due to the emergency, (4) have been ineligible to receive federal emergency grants., please complete the below application thoroughly.

Although funds for this grant are limited, we will do our best to approve your application. To help us insure that the money goes to the students and their families who are most in need, please complete this application only if you have exhausted other resources, like food pantries and social services.

We will do our very best to provide you a decision within 24 hours of application. If approved, we will also do our best to have the money to you within one business day after approval.
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I was not eligible to receive federal emergency grant money from my college, under the previous rules. I identify as one of the following groups (Concurrent high school students, Postsecondary enrollment option students (PSEO & D3), Students being assessed a senior citizen tuition rate, Students enrolled in non-credit courses, International students, DACA students, have a felony record.
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What was the emergency? When did it happen? What kind of need did the emergency cause?
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Describe Family Situation
Do you have other family members that rely on your support? If so, how are they related to you?
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A Note About Privacy, Research, and Program Evaluation
We will take measures to protect your privacy. The completed application will be read by three people. After a decision is made, completed applications will be kept in a secured folder online with very limited access to staff at LeadMN. The collective data from all the completed applications will be used for research and shared with public at-large. No individual name or other identifying information will be shared or included in published material. In addition, you will receive a short questionnaire to help us assess this program. We ask that you complete the questionnaire so that we can improve the program for future students.
By submitting this application, you agree to the following LeadMN terms:
I certify that the information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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