Expression of Interest: AWSN Cadets Workshops or Events
This form is for industry mentors who are interested in hosting an AWSN Cadets workshop or event.

* Workshop/Event time and date is left to the discretion of the mentor. We recommend holding it after your work hours or on weekends.

* Workshop/Event length can range anywhere from 20min - 3 hours long.

* Workshop/Event frequency can be one-time event or workshop can range from fortnightly - monthly sessions.

* For Workshop series, it is recommended to run in sequential order.

* Minimum commitment for mentors is therefore 1 x 20 min workshop, held sometime within our 'workshop period' (usually a 6 month - 1 year block).

* Maximum commitment can be negotiated, for mentors with lots of content - we recommend a maximum of 5 x 3 hour sessions.

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Please note that your workshop/event can range between 20 minutes to 3 hours long.
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If you are interested in holding multiple workshops, please specify the preferred date of the first workshop.
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On average, anywhere between 5 - 15 members attend a given workshop session. This number may increase in line with our current membership increases.
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Marketing and Communications
We'd like to retain and publish photos and videos (media) of AWSN Cadets workshops, for education and promotional purposes.

Such media may be viewed, distributed and shared via our:
* Current communication channels (namely Slack);
* Future communication channels, whatever form they take (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, website etc.)

Do you grant us permission to retain and publish promotional photos/videos of your workshop through our channels? *
Confidentiality of Material
As much as AWSN Cadets is passionate about fostering an open community where cyber security professionals may share their knowledge with members and each other, we also understand that the material used or displayed in your workshop sessions may be confidential and/or commercially sensitive.
Do you grant us permission to record your workshop for educational purposes? *
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