2019 Fun to Spell Vendor Table Form
Persons or businesses wanting to vend products, services, or animals at a Fancy Mouse Breeders' Association (FMBA) event must submit this form in order to reserve vending space at the event. Live animals not being entered in the show require pre-approval for vending at the event. Approval does not imply any liability. Payment for table space is due prior to the event, via PayPal invoice. Other payment options may be available upon request.

Each $30 vending space is one table and two chairs. Additional chairs may be available on a first-come first-serve basis, with exhibitors, and requested reservations given priority. Tables will be arranged and assigned the night prior to the event, and vendors may have access to the event space one hour prior to admission of non-vendors.
FMBA members vending or exhibiting mice, will have priority over non-FMBA members, in the event that the number of reservations exceeds the number of tables expected to be available. Vendor tables come with the same $30 worth of entries as non-vendor tables, and require current FMBA membership to make use of.
Should the event be cancelled by the FMBA, the FMBA will refund any payments for vending spaces that had been made at the time of the cancellation. There will be no refunds for vendors failing health checks. Any applicable federal, state, or local fees or taxes are the responsibility of the vendor, as is liability for losses, illness, injury, or damages at the event.
Name of person requesting the vending space: *
This is not a business name, but the name of the person who will be attending and using the space.
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Name of business/s, stud/s, mousery/s or person/s to be listed on event website as a vendor: *
If you do not want a listing, say "No" here.
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Email for your reservation PayPal invoice: *
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Are you wanting to sell live animals? *
Animals you want to sell, and quantity you are wanting to bring of each: *
If you answered No above, just repeat No here. (This information is required for health check load, and to protect our exhibitors. Our health checks are a few volunteers. Too many non-entry live animals per show can adversely affect the show, and potential willingness of repeat volunteers!) If the animals are traveling to an overnight stay, or have tight traveling quarters, bringing fresh bedding for use before heading to show venue should help everyone be better able to enjoy the show, and view your animals favorably!
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Space rental and other accommodations needed for the reserved vending space: *
Half tables may be subject to full table rental cost, if both halves are not paid by show date. See show event page for any table restriction details, or costs. All vendors must reserve at least a Half Table, unless sharing a Full Table with a member.
Items, services, or animals featured to be listed on your event page vendor listing: *
(Will likely be written in the ad exactly as worded.) If you are sharing a table, and being billed together on a single invoice, separate your information here for two separate listings. Otherwise it will be listed as a joint venture. If you do not want a listing, just approval for vending anything live above, Simply say "NO" here.
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Contact phone number for your reservation: *
Mobile number of the person attending the event are suggested, so that any last-minute updates can be sent out on the day of or night prior to the event.
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Small Logo or owned Image to appear with your vendor listing on the event page coming soon to FMBA email?
To let us know we should look out for a logo, in case it's not clear when the email arrives. (Obviously this image needs to be owned exclusively by you, and you are consenting for the club to publish the image next to your website listing.)
Type your full legal name here to commit to the space and to agree to the terms listed above. *
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