Tell Us About Your Stop Motion Studio!
Over the month of April, we're blogging about setups that Stopmotion Explosion animators use to make their movies.

Answer the questions below with a paragraph or so, and at the end, attach a few pictures. Don't forget to include a link to your YouTube channel, or somewhere people can see the movies you've created. We'll review your submission and if everything checks out, you'll be featured on our website!

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Tell us about yourself How long have you been animating? Does your studio have a name? What projects are you working on right now?
What kind of things have you animated so far (i.e. LEGO, ModiBots, action-figures, claymation, papermation, etc). Do you have a favorite?
What kind of surface do you typically animate on? A desk? The floor? Your kitchen table?
What are you currently using for lighting?
What kind of computer do you use, and what apps are part of your animation workflow? How do you use each app?
How do you capture frames for your animations? What features do you like about the camera you have?
How do you record sound for your productions? Do you have any audio gear?
What other tools do you use while animating? Blu-tac? Tweezers? Clay?
If a magical wizard could give you one tool or item to make your animating life easier, what would it be?
Where can people find your movies? Include a link below.
Send us pictures of your set! Take a few photos similar to the one below and attach it to this form.
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Thanks for taking time to show us your studio! We're looking forward to your response!
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