Five Points Festival Pin Yard Application 2020
The Five Points Festival is New York's biggest designer toy and comic art convention. Taking place May 30 - 31, 2020 at the Brooklyn Expo Center, the show will celebrate the people at the heart of the industry - and we'd love you to join them!

If you're accepted, you'll hear from us by March 1st (or sooner) and be sent an agreement which must be returned with payment to reserve your space. If you're accepted, you'll be sent an agreement which must be returned with payment to reserve your space. All Pin Yard tables are $250 and include two vendor badges to Five Points.

Tables are tables only and do not include pipe, drape, or electricity. Artists can apply for individual tables only. If you need walls or larger space, please apply for a booth in our exhibit hall.

This area is specifically for vendors selling pins, patches, and other related items.

These booths are situated outside in our courtyard area.

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