Throne of Eldraine Community Limited Review (Red)
A - Stone Cold Bombs
B - Actively pull you toward the color
C - Average
D - Playable, but prefer not to play
F - Unplayable
Barge In
Bloodhaze Wolverine
Blow Your House Down
Bonecrusher Giant
Brimstone Trebuchet
Burning-Yard Trainer
Claim the Firstborn
Crystal Slipper
Embereth Paladin
Embereth Shieldbreaker
Ferocity of the Wilds
Fervent Champion
Fires of Invention
Irencrag Feat
Irencrag Pyromancer
Mad Ratter
Merchant of the Vale
Ogre Errant
Opportunistic Dragon
Raging Redcap
Redcap Melee
Redcap Raiders
Rimrock Knight
Robber of the Rich
Scorching Dragonfire
Searing Barrage
Seven Dwarves
Skullknocker Ogre
Slaying Fire
Sundering Stroke
Syr Carah, the Bold
Thrill of Possibility
Torbran, Thane of Red Fell
Weaselback Redcap
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