Work Hard/Stay Hard Registration 2019
Mailing Address
The work will be divided into crews (Accessibility, Grounds, Office, Kitchen,Structural, Roofing, Building Permanence,Transportation, Trash, Party Patrol, Garden, Healthcare, Set-up and Breakdown).
Please provide a brief description of skills you have that would be useful toward these causes(remember this is a learning experience as well as a skill share, no pre existing skills needed!):
1st Choice
What crew(s) would you like to be a part of?
We are interested in this being a skills-sharing experience. If you have skills to put to use, please think about doing so. If you want to be on a crew in order to learn more about a subject, name that too.
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
Dietary Needs
If you are vegan, gluten-free and/or soy-free, please provide clear information about what that means for YOU. (For example, is tamari in a sauce ok or not? Honey? )
What kind of childcare to you need?
Do you have physical needs we should be aware of?
(lifting, standing for long periods of time, wheelchair accessibility, sleeping needs etc.)
Will you need transportation from the airport, bus, or train station?
Let us know when you are arriving and leaving and where you'll need the ride from/to.
Do you have a ride to offer?
If so, tell us where to/from, when, and how many seats are available.
Work Hard/Stay Hard is a collectively-funded gift to Ida. In order to achieve our budget, we are asking each of you to commit to raise the amount you feel is doable. This could be $60 or $600; we’re hoping for an average of about $200 per person. (Please see our website for fundraising strategies.) Deposits can be made through PayPal on our website, or send checks or money orders payable to Work Hard Stay Hard. We also take food stamp donations for our kitchen to keep ya fed!

To be clear: we want you more than we want money. If you don't have cash, but you are committed to Work Hard, then come. Please! Don't let capitalism keep us apart.
How Much Money Will You Raise?
**To pre-pay via paypal, go here:
Anything else you want us to know? Needs? Questions?
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