Getting to know you
Let’s start this relationship with our best feet forward by having you tell me a bit about yourself. Please complete the below form as thoroughly and with as much detail as you can. Once submitted, I’ll follow up with you via email within 48 hours. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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What are your top 3 challenges or goals that you are seeking to address during our work together? (Please keep in mind that I am a firm believer in whole-assing one thing at a time, so please list them in order of importance or priority as the addressing of these may depend on the amount of time we work together.) *
Some examples might include: “I want to take advantage of a new job opportunity (promotion, etc.), but I feel frozen and can’t figure out how to get past the fear and take the next step.” or “I took the leap to start my own business, but feel adrift in a sea of anxiety about money, marketing, and mindset and don’t know how to my next move” or “I’m having trouble sleeping and I wake each morning feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train bearing down on me and I’m stuck on the tracks.”
What are some of your professional and personal values? What drives you? *
To give you an example, my top three business values are Compassionate Connection, Responsible Integrity, and Inspired and Intentional Action. Oh, and for fun, my next three are Wisdom, Wit, and Words!(If you are unsure about this, Google “values list” and you can find examples of values to see which ones resonate most with you.)
Tell me a few ways that your Inner Assholes (like Stress, Anxiety, Doubt, Inner Critic, or Impostor) are getting in your way of achieving what's important to you. *
e.g. My Inner Critic tells me that nothing I do is good enough, so why bother; Anxiety tells me that it is definitely not safe to take a risk or pursue a new opportunity; Stress convinces me to overfocus to the point of burnout; and Doubt teams up with Impostor to convince me I’m a fraud - and will soon be found out and called out by others. Now over to you...
What have you tried so far to address these challenges? What has worked and what has not worked? *
E.g. Perhaps you have tried solving it on your own or have worked with someone else and things just did not go as expected? Please tell me more.
Now tell me how do you hope to feel once we get your Inner Assholes Aligned and you take the LEAP? *
Do you see yourself feeling more calm, confident, decisive, insightful, courageous, safe, bold, clear, joyful… (I could go on and on, but am going to stop and let you share now!)
What is your result from the 16personalities test? *
If you have taken the test previously, please share your result below. If you haven't taken it yet, here's the link:
When do you want to start working together to deal with these challenges? *
What session are you interested in booking? *
Anything else you’d like to share with me?
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