AWV OEC Facilitation Specialist--Summer-Fall 2019 Season
Thank you for your interest in applying to work as an OEC Facilitation Specialist! Before completing and submitting your application you should be aware that:

1) You are NOT able to save and return to a partially completed application. You will be able to go back to previous sections while working on your application, but not after submitting. There is no time-out on the application, but progress you make will not be saved if you do not fully complete the application in one sitting. Please leave sufficient time to complete your application!

We have posted a pdf version of the application on our website here:
We strongly suggest reviewing what you will be asked so that you can prepare your answers ahead of time. There are questions regarding work and leadership experience, references, and short answer prompts.

2) The training process and work commitments are extensive. Please review the job description and training requirements here:

Note trainees are required to take RPTR 293: Experiential Leadership and Facilitation, a 1-credit course which will run March 18-April 26 (the last 6 weeks of the semester). This course has a TBD meeting time based on trainees schedules. The course has one required weekend: April 13-14. There are also required trainings following the semester, May 15-17, May 20-25, and May 28.

Also note you are generally expected to be available from May 29 through August 20, 2019. We take requests for off/vacation time, but do NOT guarantee any request--vacation time in July is an easier time to take vacation. June is busier. August 18-20 are required dates and vacation time will not be granted.

3) Upon a successful application submission, you should receive a confirmation email.

4) Applications are due via this online submission no later than 4pm on Wednesday, January 30th. Late applications are not accepted. Incomplete applications are not accepted. You will receive notification as to whether you are invited to interview no later than 4pm on Friday, February 1st.

If you do not receive notification regarding an interview by 4pm on Friday, February 1st, or for general questions contact:

For more information on the position requirements and expectations visit:

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