November Plan & Party Night
For the November Plan & Party Night, we reviewed Learning Events #1-6 and discussed next week's Servant Event. We will be going to WalMart to shop for items for the Christian Needs Center. Please read the announcements and fill out the form below.

1. Next Wednesday is Servant Event - if you are an online learner, you will need to choose an activity to do with your family or on your own; if you are an in-person learner, you need to be at the church at 7pm.
2. Zoom game day - November 22 - 7pm The link will be sent out the day of via Remind!
Student Name *
Learning Event #1 - Martin Luther and the Reformation
Who is Martin Luther? *
What year did Martin Luther post the 95 Theses? (Google it if you can't remember! Hint - the 500th anniversary was within the last 5 years...) *
Learning Event #2 - Introduction to the Ten Commandments
Who was given the 10 Commandments by God to bring to the children of Israel? *
Learning Event #3 - First Commandment
What is the First Commandment? *
Why do you think this commandment is at the top of the list? *
Learning Event #4 - Second Commandment
What is the Second Commandment? *
What are some other names for God? *
Using God's name righteously can mean many things. Give one example of a good use of God's name. *
Learning Event #5 - Third Commandment
What is the Third Commandment? *
What day do we celebrate the Sabbath? *
Where do you learn God's word? Give 2 examples. *
Learning Event #6 - Fourth Commandment
What is the Fourth Commandment? *
What is one way you can honor your parents? *
Stump the Presenter and Prayer Requests
If you have any questions for Stump the Presenter or any Prayer Requests, please fill them in below!
Stump the Presenter
Prayer Requests
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