Rep. Hood Constituent Survey
Your views on issues facing state government are important to me. Knowing where you stand on the issues helps me to better represent your views. Please take the time to voice your opinion on the following topics. I look forward to hearing from you.

State Representative
Ron Hood
Ohio House District 78
Do you believe Ohio’s economy is headed in the right direction or on the wrong track?
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Do you believe that Ohio is in need of broad reform to its current tax code?
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Do you believe that federal mandates relating to health care are hurting small businesses and raising insurance costs?
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Do you believe the state of Ohio has the right to block any federal laws considered to be unconstitutional?
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Do you believe the state of Ohio should change the rules for Medicaid to allow more people to qualify for coverage?
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Do you support the state of Ohio giving taxpayer money to the film industry to produce films here in Ohio?
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