JVP Chanukkah 5779 - Shine a Light for Safety Through Solidarity
Tuesday, December 4
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
637 S. Dearborn, Chicago

Why do we display lit candles in the hanukkiah (a ninebranced candelabra) in our windows, openly proclaiming to the public that we are in Jewish space? To proclaim that we are still here, that we celebrate miracles, and that we are gathering around light in a time of darkness - proudly.

This Hanukkah, we are also sparking our imagination for a world without police, prisons, detention or deportations, without borders, without the Deadly Exchange of police training between the United States and Israel, and without massive spying and surveillance. A world in which Palestinians and all people - from the U.S.-Mexico Border to Chicago to Hebron - are free.

We are embracing a commitment to see our Jewish communities’ future and safety as intertwined with the futures and safety of all communities under attack -- our Muslim, immigrant, Palestinian, black, queer, trans, disabled neighbors and selves. We are committing to fighting the root causes of the recent Pittsburgh and Kentucky massacres -- white supremacy, including antisemitism -- and to taking care of each other along the way.

Through a ritual of kindling our Hanukkah lights, we face the darkness of fascism & white supremacy together, and shine a light on our strength and capacity for miracles. We are letting the world know that we are still here, and in the face of growing hatred and antisemitism, our creativity & resilience is overflowing. We are still here, and we are here in joy!

Donations of $5-$10 to cover food are welcome - no one will be turned away based on ability to pay!

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