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Course Objectives: 

1. Identify common communication barriers and how to overcome them.

2. Develop active listening skills to improve understanding and connection.

3. Understand the impact of nonverbal communication on relationships.

4. Learn to express feelings and emotions in a constructive manner.

5. Practice conflict resolution techniques to resolve disagreements in a healthy way.

6. Identify and manage personal triggers and reactions during the conflict.

7. Learn to communicate assertively while respecting others' boundaries.

8. Explore the impact of cultural and individual differences on communication.

9. Develop your own communication style and adapt it to different situations.

10. Apply learned techniques and skills to your personal relationships to improve communication and connection.

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The price of the course is $75 with the 25% discount. In addition to the course Verbal Communication Breakthroughs, you will also receive our eBook and audiobook The 14 Communication Blockers, the eBook and audiobook 101 Ways to Stay Happily Together As A Couple Or Family, the eBook and audiobook Living In Harmony With Who You Are, and the eBook and audiobook The Art of Active Listening In Romantic and Family Relationships. 
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