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PaLAunchPod seeks nominees who are doing amazing things in/for their libraries -- providing exceptional services and/or programming, involving their community in the library (or their library in the community), or creating unexpected impacts in their library/system/district! Tell us what your nominee is doing that fits this criteria, or is otherwise fabulous!
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What program or initiative has the nominee driven that sets them apart from others? Please provide as much detail as possible.
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If you described a specific program or initiative, please let us know how costly it might be to replicate. If you are describing a unique program that will not be replicated, select "1 - No costs."
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If the program or initiative involved costs, did the nominee find ways to offset the costs (through fundraising, grants, etc.)? Please describe how costs were offset or how the program was funded, if known. If describing a unique program that won't be replicated, please skip and proceed to next question.
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How easy would it be for other libraries to replicate this program?
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Small or large, public, academic, school, special? Give us your best guess, and elaborate as much as possible!
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