RSVP: Text Out the Count!
Join us and encourage your fellow New Yorkers to fill out the census!

Using the peer-to-peer texting tool, Hustle, you will be able to reach hundreds of New Yorkers within minutes with a text encouraging them to fill out the census and providing the link to the Census Bureau’s self-response website.

All you will need is either a phone, a laptop, or a tablet to participate. Sign up here (with your cell phone number) and we will get you all set up to “Text Out The Count!”

Note: Hustle needs your cell phone number to get set up, but it won't send texts from your number!
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A graphic with texting bubbles on the right that reads: At home? Want to do something for your community and city? Get the word out about the 2020 Census! It’s here now and determines billions in funding for schools, hospitals, and roads. Text out the count! Graphic continues in regular block text with: Text Out The Count, Sunday, March 22, Monday, March 23. Reach New Yorkers with your phone, tablet, or computer right from your home-and you don’t have to use your own number! Spread the word about the census so that all of us can get the funding and representation that are rightfully ours. RSVP now at
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