Think Team Application
The Think Team, a team focused on creating new and engaging experiences on our server. Working with the development team, The Think Team will create the "designs" for various technical projects such as custom mobs, voting rewards, and promotional items. (And more!)

We're seeking creative and motivated players who are passionate about Empire Minecraft and have ideas for improving our server. Join us in bringing the Empire Minecraft community to new heights!
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What is your Minecraft username *
How long have you played on the server? *
What interests you about The Think Team and what do you think you can bring to the team?
What are your favorite aspects of Empire Minecraft, and what areas do you think could use the most improvement?
Reminder that your answers should help convince us you have productive thoughts on improving EMC.
Do you have any specific ideas for projects the Think Team will handle? *
You are allowed to ask questions outside of this application to help you complete this application. You should understand the team's purpose before blindly answering these questions.
What do you know about the limitations of Minecraft server modding and plugins?
This question is framed in the perspective of EMC. Trying to understand what you know about our current limitations.
What experience do you have working with a team and taking feedback from others?
What else do you wish to share, that would help convince that you should be on the team?
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