Strum Strike Blow Permission Form
CBS Arena - Wednesday August 29th
Rehearsals during the day
Massed performance 7pm-8.15pm

The programme for the day on the Wednesday 29th August is as follows:
Bus departs at 8.30am and returns by 2.45pm
Please bring morning tea and lunch as there is no food available at the Arena.

9.30am Massed items: Sakura, Mission Impossible
10.15 Marimba pieces: Lullaby, Steppin' Out, Canon No. 40, Albatross Rock
11.15 Break
11.45 Ukuleles (with everyone singing): He Honore , The Smell of Sunscreen, Take it Easy, This Is Me
12.00 Individual school items
12.30 Lunch
1.00 Recorders return from break: Irish Tune, Argeers, Helas Madame, Beckett Blues
1.30 Final run-through of massed items
2.15 End of rehearsal

6.30pm Please arrive. Students to go to left hand entrance (Door 1)
7pm-8.15pm CONCERT! Cost is $5.00 per person (performers free)
Parking is free.
Daytime transport is by bus. $8 will be added to your school account to go towards covering this.
Evening concert transport by parents. Please let us know if you need transport (or if you can offer a ride).
What to wear:
During the day - normal school uniform
Evening - black or dark trousers and school ukulele TShirt (Green ukulele Tshirt to be issued and borrowed)
If you want to buy and wear an SSB Tshirt they can be ordered at but orders need to be in August 6th

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