TRESTLE Colloquium: How to be a great embedded expert!
Monday, December 3rd from 2-3 pm central time.

In this colloquium we will share our recommendations for embedded experts (faculty and postdocs within departments) in partnering effectively with faculty, and how to get started and get better at this course transformation work. Come share your own challenges and successes, and learn from our conversations and reflections with the dozens of people who have held these sorts of positions!

These recommendations form a significant part of our newly released SEI Handbook, available online at The SEI Handbook shares the accumulated wisdom of practice in how to effectively implement a model of change based on the SEIs at CU Boulder and UBC: It is divided into three parts in consideration of the three main groups involved in such an initiative: initiative leaders, departmental leaders, and the embedded experts (whom we call discipline-based education specialists, or DBESs).

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