SaveSoul - Internship Programme
2-3 months
Start Date
September 2020
Job Title
Software Developer Intern
Job Description
We are offering a unique opportunity to a group of individuals to be a part of the development process of a new service. We require dynamic minds that can start contributing to the project from the first day.
1. Good understanding of OOPS
2. Good knowledge of Java programming language
3. Basic understanding of Android Application Development
4. Familiarity with Kotlin programming language
5. Familiarity with Git (VCS)
Learnings at Work
1. Creation of new features in the Android Application

2. Creation of RESTful APIs in the Cloud

3. Exposure to tools and frameworks for building Apps

4. Unit Testing (Mobile and Server)

5. Continuous Integration / Continuous Development

6. Gain knowledge of building scalable Applications from scratch

* Work remotely

* Work for partial hours in a day (Expectation: 3 hours minimum per day)
* Certificate to be received after the completion of the internship

* Opportunity to work full time (based on demand and performance during the internship)

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