Community Survey
Phillips Free Library is in the process of evaluating our services and expanding our outreach and programming to the community. As part of this process, we are asking for feedback from the community, but this isn't your mother's librarian's questions! We want to know what your hopes and dreams are, so we can more fully service the community and help it reach the fullness of its possibility. (Yeah, we believe in dreaming big, too!) So, please consider taking a few minutes to share - not just your thoughts - but your aspirations with us.
What do you love about living in this community?
What do you think our community needs? From the silly, to the serious, to the sublime. (Don't let the worry of "what's possible", stop you from dreaming.)
Have your thoughts about either of these changed due to Covid? How and why?
What are your hopes and dreams for yourself?
For your family?
For your community?
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