My Neighborhood is the BEST EVER!
Omaha is full of hidden gems. Each neighborhood holds something special and has a unique identity. Is your neighborhood amazing or do you have a favorite in town? What do you love to do most about it? What would you tell someone visiting to do first?

The Greater Omaha Young Professionals would love to share your neighborhood with others at the upcoming INTRO events – beginning on Thursday, June 6 at the Empire Room. We'll be creating unique materials and activities that showcase all parts of Omaha.

Tell us more.
Please, take a minute to complete the form below so we can showcase your favorite local activities, eateries, hot spots, shops and more from your favorite neighborhood. Consider unique activities and experiences that can only be found in your neighborhood or community!

Please be descriptive — some information you may want to consider is:

• If there is one thing a person should experience while in Omaha/your neighborhood, what would that be?
• Is this unique? Can this only be done in Omaha?
• Name of Activity / Business / Location
• Organization Responsible (If Applicable)
• Contact or address (If Applicable)
• Expected Time Commitment or the best times to visit

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