Psychtoolbox-3 user survey 2016
Please take this PTB-3 user survey. Anyone with sufficient insights into your labs operation can fill it out for your whole lab. It takes only one minute to answer the 6 essential questions, and you'll aid further development by participating.

Based on the original Psychtoolbox developed by David Brainard and Denis Pelli, Psychtoolbox-3 ( is a popular ( piece of free and open-source software for neuroscience research, with a history going back over 20 years. As of June 2016, according to Google Scholar, over 13500 published scientific articles cite at least one of the three articles describing it. Despite its popularity, since over 10 years Psychtoolbox-3 doesn’t receive any funding for its ongoing development and maintenance. Moreover, since June 2013, Mario Kleiner, the main developer and maintainer of Psychtoolbox-3, works full time on Psychtoolbox without any financial or other compensation, essentially treating Psychtoolbox ongoing development and future-proofing as a very time consuming and expensive “hobby”. As this is not sustainable much longer, we need to find ways of funding future development and this survey is an important part of this efforts.

The frequency and quality of answers to this survey can have a direct influence on the availability of short-term bridge funding for the development, maintenance and support of PTB-3 and thereby on the future health of PTB-3, so enthusiastic participation in the survey matters! Second it tries to get a grasp on the hardware and software on which PTB-3 is used or will be used. This will influence decisions on which hardware to support. Third it tries to collect a wish list for new features or for the improvement of existing features, mostly to help prioritize work towards the more important features. You can also give free-form feedback to the current maintainer at the end.

Only 6 questions are essential. You can skip the rest, although we encourage you to answer many of the optional questions as well. This is a chance for you to help prioritize the features you care about most.

We need one response per lab. Anyone with sufficient insights into your labs operation can do it. Please volunteer to do it for your lab.

Thanks for participating!

1. How many researchers work in your lab? *
This includes undergraduate students, graduate students, post docs etc. Anybody that would be considered a user of Psychtoolbox.
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2. Roughly how many copies of PTB-3 does your lab use? *
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3. What operating systems does your lab currently use with PTB-3? *
4. Please provide a name identifying your lab/entity *
E.g., the name of the lab, or the name of the PI, lab leader, director of the lab or research group, and the name of the university or institution, e.g. Denis Pelli's lab at NYU.
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Optionally provide a web-site address for your lab
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5. Which keywords best describe the methods used for your research? *
Optionally provide more detail about your lab's use of PTB-3
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6. Would your lab be willing to voluntarily contribute to future funding for the development, maintenance and support of PTB-3? *
One possible option would be for Mario Kleiner to offer some form of "maintenance license". By buying such a license your lab would contribute a certain amount of paid work time, spent by Mario at his discretion and depending on the current or future needs of the project, on development of new features, improvement of existing features, ongoing maintenance work, and user support. Such a license possibly would also provide your lab with a vote with respect to the relative priority of new features.
Optional answer: If your lab would participate in future funding, how much money would it be willing to spend per year on something like a support license?
Please specify a rate in Euros. You can also type a number directly into the entry field instead of using the up and down arrows.
Your answer
Optionally provide a contact e-mail for your lab
If you provide an e-mail address, we may use it to keep in touch with your lab about key developments wrt. Psychtoolbox, e.g., how the funding situation or future of Psychtoolbox develops, or about technical developments, e.g., useful new features, that might interest your lab.
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You have completed the essential part of the survey, thanks!
The answers you provided will be important to guide decisions on a future funding model for Psychtoolbox-3 or, for that matter, if there will be a long-term future for Psychtoolbox.
Would you like to answer a few more questions? *
The extra questions are optional, and will provide more detail about your lab's use and needs. This will help us prioritize what matters most to your lab.
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