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Is there a written Workplace Violence & Harassment policy statement posted? *
Is a copy of OHSA required legislation posted in a conspicuous area of the workplace? *
Are copies of mandatory required H&S information posted in a designated area? *
Are your employees WHMIS 2015 trained? *
Do you have a WHMIS or Designated substance program? *
Do you have a certified First Aid trained employee at your workplace? *
Is a JHSC established at the workplace based on legislative requirements? *
Is there an identified H&S rep or JHSC member based on size of your workplace? *
Are H&S responsibilities clearly identified for managers, supervisors, workers, contractors? *
Do you understand the role of the MOL and the Inspectors? *
Have workers been informed of their H&S rights? *
Do you clearly understand your responsibilities as an employer? *
Do you have documentation to prove how you train and protect workers/employees? *
Have you completed a formal Risk/Hazard assessment for your business (eg. machinery, slips/trips, chemicals)? *
Do you have written procedures for Safe Work Practices / Job Tasks? *
Have you completed mandatory H&S training requirements for all employees in your workplace? *
Are Training Records documented and accessible if requested by the MOL? *
Do you complete workplace inspections on a monthly basis? *
Are inspections completed by a trained and competent employee? *
Are inspection checklists used or findings documented with corrective actions? *
Is there a written process for investigating or reporting workplace accidents/injuries? *
Do you have formal training on how to conduct investigations? *
Are there procedures established for Emergency Preparedness (eg. Fire, spill, medical emergencies)? *
Do you conduct evacuation drills routinely? *
Is adequate Fire protection equipment available and employees trained? *
Do you know what are the potential fines that can be levied to employers/supervisors for contravention of the legislation? *
Have you completed a workplace violence assessment based on legislative requirements? *
Is there a workplace violence program established? *
Is PPE available, provided and used in the workplace based on job risks? *
Do you / employees understand what process to follow in a Work Refusal? *
Have you ever completed a H&S audit compliance process? *
Have you had any incidents / injuries in the workplace in the last 3 years? *
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